About us

Sargasso is a system crafted by ocean freighting experts

The Sargasso Sea is an area of the North Atlantic Ocean and has no land boundaries. Just like our systems, the Sargasso Sea has exceptional clarity and calmness, despite the complexity of its four converging currents.

Our expert solution developers have years of experience and knowledge in shipping, ports, logistics and transport - we live and breathe container movements and have evolved Sargasso to what it is today. We understand how technology can make a spectacular difference to making everyday business easier. Our team thrives on solving business problems to give their clients a competitive edge.

Sargasso clients are docked in NZ, Australia, USA, Europe and Asia. Leverage our +30 years’ experience creating software for some of the biggest players in logistics and freight.

Brent Tyler-Davies

Sargasso architect and designer

Brent saw the pain his shipping clients were going through manually entering screeds of data for hours every day and knew there had to be an easier way.

His favourite capability of Sargasso is its automation. He particularly enjoys the level of auto processing with container movements e.g. when a container move is processed that fixes an error, the other moves for the container that were in error are automatically re-processed successfully. This kind of efficiency excites Brent.

His client highlights include working with K Line to implement EDI messaging with Australian Customs. This involved moving K Line’s systems to full EDI messaging to deal with every declaration and report. When not solving business challenges, Brent can be found golfing, diving and taxiing his teenage daughters around.

Specialties: SQL, EDI, shipping, logistics, finance and transport

Malcolm Jackson-Cox

Sargasso business expert and solutions manager

Malcolm has been at the helm to witness the evolution of shipping systems from legacy to what is used today, from both client and supplier side. He’s migrated the range of systems used; from the first generation of replicating manual inputs, through to the next generation systems that are now using automated Artificial Intelligence.

Malcolm initially worked with Sandfield as a client in the late 80’s, as they deployed their first ever shipping system. This experience inspired him to work on the solution side of shipping, and he’s never looked back.

His career highlights to-date include a full shipping system services implementation with K Line Australia, working with Mainfreight 4PL services on the implementation of the 4PL supply chain management system for all John Deere orders into Europe and stevedoring and marshalling service implementation and management for Stevedoring Services of America.

Malcolm’s favourite output of Sargasso is the efficiency it enables in organisations. He enjoys seeing how much better things can work with the Sargasso system, allowing organisations to evolve into new services and ventures outside of what they thought was possible.

When not developing solutions to grow organisations, Malcolm can be found tramping, or enjoying a more leisurely pace of life in his second home, Mount Maunganui.

Specialties: Supply chain management, business analysis processes, stevedore, transport and 4PL Logistics

Alan Dowsett

Sargasso solution manager and team lead

Alan is the service expert of Sargasso. He leads the team of developers that are carrying on the legacy of the original Sargasso shipping system, continuing to develop and improve the system.

Alan’s career highlights to-date include working on the migration of the original Sargasso shipping system; from a reality-based architecture to a Microsoft .NET and SQL stack.

He comes to work everyday to make a difference to his clients’ business. Even if it’s just a little change, he finds doing something that makes a client’s life easier is very satisfying.

When not making clients’ lives easier, Alan can be found looking after his young family, watching cricket or playing computer games.

Specialties: Web development, .NET, SQL, shipping, supply chain, transport, finance, business analysis, perishable product exports

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