All together now

Sargasso is an end-to-end software system specifically designed by ocean freighting experts for shipping lines and agents who want to operate spectacularly more efficiently and responsively.

Seamless, end-to-end software custom designed for small and medium-sized shipping organisations.

Extraordinary efficiency

There are more challenging times to come for shipping as political and economic upheaval in Europe and the UK and slow or negative growth in China delays a recovery in our industry.

It’s still possible to thrive, rather than merely survive in this difficult environment, but probably not by doing things the way you’ve always done them. Outmoded or manual systems and disparate workflows will hold you back.

Master your IT. Streamline your processes. Dismantle your silos. Empower your people. Look after your customers better.

In short, get extraordinarily efficient.

Three keys to

Extraordinary efficiency

Make it easy for your people to do a thousand everyday tasks well

Get a birds-eye view so you can see everything going on in realtime

Leverage our 30+ years experience creating software

Let’s talk about how Sargasso can help your business achieve extraordinary efficiency

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